Surf coaster leviathan

Thrilling score! Extremely popular coastal coaster!

A popular attraction that loops over the sea and exhilaratingly runs over the sea! "LEVIATHAN" is a legendary sea monster that swirls in a huge vortex and appears on the sea.
We will take on the new vehicle "BLADE", which is the only weapon that can counter Leviathan, and will challenge the legendary sea monster.
Damage is caused by the sudden descent and sharp turn attack of "BLADE", but suddenly there is a powerful counterattack of "Leviathan"! Can the challengers really survive? ? At night, the platform roof shines in a rainbow of colors, adding to the challenger's mood.

Attractions overview

Price 1,000 yen once
Required time About 3 minutes
Capacity 24 people (4 seats x 6 cars) * Subject to change depending on the situation.
Maximum speed 75km / h
full length 1,271m
Highest part 44m
Other Maximum slope: 45 degrees / Overhang at sea: 85m / Ups and downs: 20 places / Horizontal turning part: 3 places
Height / age restrictions / remarks ・ Riding is possible from a height of 120 cm
・ Up to 64 years old
usage limit

・ Those who have heart disease.
・ People with high or low blood pressure.
・ Those who are pregnant.
・ Those who are drunk
・ Those who are not in good physical condition.
・ Persons with disabilities.
(People who can walk on their own, go up and down stairs, hold firmly on safety bands, levers, etc., and can bend their knees and step on them with their feet can use it.)
* We may check your walking.

Here is the point!

The front seats are popular for surf coasters, but people who like screaming machines often ride in the back.
That's because the pulling force is stronger and more powerful in the rear.
Furthermore, it is said that the more passengers there are, the heavier and faster the passengers will be.
There are also rumors that there is a slight difference in speed depending on the boarding time.
Ride it many times and check it out!

* Seats cannot be specified.

Check out the video!