Surf Coaster LEVIATHAN

Thrilling score! Extremely popular coastal coaster!

A popular attraction that loops over the sea and exhilaratingly runs over the sea! "LEVIATHAN" is a legendary sea monster that swirls in a huge vortex and appears on the sea.
We will take on the new vehicle "BLADE", which is the only weapon that can counter Leviathan, and will challenge the legendary sea monster.
Damage is caused by the sudden descent and sharp turn attack of "BLADE", but suddenly there is a powerful counterattack of "Leviathan"! Can the challengers really survive? ? At night, the platform roof shines in a rainbow of colors, adding to the challenger's mood.

Attractions overview

Price 1,000 yen once
Required time About 3 minutes
Capacity 24 people (4 seats x 6 cars) * Subject to change depending on the situation.
Maximum speed 75km / h
full length 1,271m
最高部 44m
Other 最大勾配:45度 / 海上突き出し部:85m / アップダウン:20ヵ所 / 水平旋回部:3ヵ所
チケット種類 フリーパス○
Height / age restrictions / remarks ・ Riding is possible from a height of 120 cm
・ Up to 64 years old
usage limit


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April 27, 2021 The attraction has been reopened !!!