Paradise Cruise

While being blown by the sea breeze ... About 15 minutes of mini cruising

Relaxing mini cruising while being blown by the sea breeze. You can go around the island and enjoy Hakkeijima from the sea!
* The service may be suspended depending on the weather and wind direction. * Due to maintenance, ships will not arrive or depart at Nishihama Pier.

Attractions overview

Price Adult 500 yen Elementary school student 250 yen
Required time About 15 minutes (Operating time changes depending on the season)
Maximum speed 14.8km / h
Route distance About 2.5km
Height / age restrictions / remarks Up to elementary school students must be accompanied by a guardian.

Check with video

Here is the point!

Recommended for those who want to enjoy the sea leisurely. The surf coaster seen from the sea has a different atmosphere.
At night, the towers and attractions are lit up and romantic!