Sea Train

Start your journey with your dreams and hopes !!

This is a full-scale road train with dreams and hopes that the whole family can enjoy.
At the same time as running, familiar and nostalgic running sound and whistle sound create an atmosphere!
In addition, the passenger car is completely airtight, so you can use it comfortably even in the rain, and on sunny days you can open the window and feel the natural breeze.

Attractions overview

Price 100 yen once
Required time About 15 minutes
Capacity 56 people * Slopes for people with disabilities (wheelchairs)
Height / age restrictions / remarks * Open only on weekends and holidays.
* Flight routes and prices may change depending on the season and events.

Here is the point!

A colorful wine red locomotive that gives a sense of luxury!
The retro-style heavy body that reproduces a real locomotive is very popular not only for children but also for adults!

Attraction image