Aqua RideⅡ

Ride on a tube-type ride, flood with plenty of splashes and go down the rapids

The dynamic attraction "Aquaride" that revolves on a tube-shaped boat on the swirling course of the torrent has been renewed!
Crash against the rocky wall of the waterway, hit other boats ... If you are pounding, the next attack will be the attack of pirates!
Pirates will attack you with a cannon toward the ride swayed by the stream. Beyond that is the Skull Falls, the last fort that blocks our way.
Let's try to get wet! Take a lot of splash and challenge the rapids!

Attractions overview

Price 800 yen each time
Required time About 4 minutes
Capacity 6-seater (× 8) * Subject to change depending on the situation.
Maximum speed 13km / h
Difference in height 2.1m
full length 314m
チケット種類 フリーパス○
Height / age restrictions / remarks ・ Riding is possible from a height of 110 cm or more
・ Available from 5 years old and over

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April 27, 2021 The attraction has been reopened !!!