"Bluefall" and "Octopus" were closed on Tuesday, March 31st. Due to the closing of business, we changed the attractions that are eligible for ONE DAY PASS other free pass from April 1 (Wednesday).
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List of attractions
(Models eligible for attraction free pass)

There is a height limit
No height limit
Enjoy on a rainy day
Enjoy at night

List of special amusement

About the use of attractions

Models eligible for attraction pass

If you have an attraction pass such as ONE DAY PASS or PLEASURE LAND PASS, the following attractions are unlimited.

  • Huge three-dimensional maze DEKKAI

  • Blue sky climbing Rock’n Rock

  • Sea Boat

  • Surf Coaster LEVIATHAN

  • Viking

  • Aqua RideⅡ

  • Sea Paradise Tower

  • Merry-go-round

  • Drunken Barrel

  • Peter Pan

  • Red Baron

  • Sea Train

  • Island Tour Bus

  • Paradise Cruise


When using the attraction, there are notes and various restrictions.
Please read it carefully.

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