Based on the policy of “New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases Control Headquarters”, we took various measures and restarted business from June 1st (Monday).
Some facilities and various events and programs will be canceled.

Yubinbango236-0006 Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama Hakkeijima Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
TEL: 045-788-8888 (telephone information)

on the train

The nearest station is Hakkeijima Station on the "Seaside Line" where the scenery along the sea is beautiful.
The stations connected to the "Seaside Line" are "Kanazawa Hakkei Station" on the Keikyu Line and "Shin-Sugita Station" on the JR Negishi Line.

by car

There are two nearest interchanges. It is about 1.5km from the Yukiura exit and about 2km from the Namiki exit.
For real-time traffic information and traffic congestion forecast, please refer to "Shuto Expressway Co., Ltd. Road Traffic Information".

Shuto Expressway Wangan Line "Koura" exit

Expressway / Yokohama Yokosuka Road “Namiki Interchange”

To customers using the parking lot

A parking fee Until 4/12 (Sun)1,300 yen a day
From Monday, April 131,500 yen a day
B / C parking fee Until 4/16 (Thursday)1,300 yen a day
From Friday, April 171,500 yen a day
Parking time30 minutes before open island-30 minutes after closed island

General vehicles are not allowed on Hakkeijima Island.

It may be crowded during the tourist season and Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, so we recommend using public transportation to come to Japan.

The price is for one passenger car.

The surrounding roads may be congested and the nearby parking lot may be full.
If you are coming from Tokyo, please use the parking lot around Shinsugita Station. If you are coming from Yokosuka, please use the parking lot around Kanazawa Hakkei Station and come along the seaside line.

Direct bus from Yokohama

A direct limousine bus from Yokohama Station (YCAT) and the Minatomirai area to Sea Paradise is operating on weekdays, 2 on Saturdays and holidays!