Today's Aqua Museum opening hours 9:30~20:00

(Closing time 20:30)

Pickup information

You can enjoy the cool atmosphere by changing the atmosphere of Sea Paradise night.

A popular show featuring sea animals such as dolphins and Penguin! Enjoy dynamic jumps and elegant performances.

An overwhelming 20 minutes, in which "sound, light, and images" and "people and dolphins" are united, and you will not be awakened from the world of the show even for a moment.

All-weather kart attraction debuts this summer!

We offer a variety of programs such as dolphins, otters, and akushu ...

How about a real all-you-can-eat barbecue while enjoying the view of the sea from the terrace seats on the ocean front?

Hawaiian Cafe & Restaurant Merengue boasts fluffy pancakes!

The original can batch is completed in about 2 minutes with the photo taken with your smartphone! We will hand it to you on the spot.

With your family, lover, and friends !! When you want to play, you can play! Enjoy Sea Paradise with a great year pass!

Sea Paradise "hotels on the island Sea Paradise relaxed in Daisuin" Sea Paradise try to enjoy!

Suspension and suspension information due to inspection and maintenance

Let's check the information of Sea Paradise together with the map in advance!

Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Enjoy more!



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