Tour bus

It has been shaken to the classic bus Sea Paradise leisurely around the dice

The only means of transportation on the island, a tour bus that goes around the main points on the island.
There is a lift so that people with disabilities can use it, so it's good not only to use them as your feet, but also to take a leisurely tour of the island.

Attractions overview

Price 100 yen once
Required time About 1 every 30 minutes
Capacity 24 people
Equipped with a lift for people with physical disabilities
Cruising speed 10km / h

Check with video

Here is the point!

Check the building from an angle that you cannot see just by going around the island normally. For example, hotels Sea Paradise visible when a U-turn in the vicinity of the dice in Aqua Museum, etc., may meet in a superb view known only to the driver's!
Also, at night, it might be a good idea to go around the illuminated island.

Attraction image