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9/11(土)からシーパラの秋のイベント「アキパラ! ~シーパラの秋みーつけた~」をスタート!




The all-weather kids park has doubled in size! !! Whether it's a hot day or a rainy day, get together for kids who want to play with all their might! !!

We offer a variety of programs such as dolphins, otters, and akushu ...


How about a real all-you-can-eat barbecue while enjoying the view of the sea from the terrace seats on the ocean front?

Hawaiian Cafe & Restaurant Merengue boasts fluffy pancakes!

With your family, lover, and friends !! When you want to play, you can play! Enjoy Sea Paradise with a great year pass!

Suspension and suspension information due to inspection and maintenance

Let's check the information of Sea Paradise together with the map in advance!

Sea Paradise at a great price!


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