For the physically handicapped


Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise offers the following services and services to help customers with physical disabilities. In case of emergency, we have a permanent relief center.

At Aqua Resorts (Aquariums) and Pleasure Land (attractions), we offer a space for people with disabilities and attractions that can be used. In addition, "Hotel Sea Paradise die-in" as well, so we have to support accommodation, Hakkeijima Please spend slowly moments in.

About using Pleasure Land (attraction)


Merry-go-round, Island Tour Bus, Paradise Cruise, Sea Train

For safety, please be accompanied by an accompanying person while driving to support the wheelchair.



For safety, please be accompanied by an accompanying person while driving.



You may be asked to accompany an accompanying person.

If you have impaired eyes, ears or mouth, or if you have any other disabilities, please consult the staff.

In addition, if the staff determines that the use is inappropriate, we will refuse the boarding.

Wheelchair rental

Wheelchairs can be rented out free of charge to people with disabilities.
The number is limited, so it can only be used for emergency purposes.

Rental place

Center House 1F Service Center

We do not accept reservations.

Toilet available in wheelchairs


Nursing corner

There is a care corner on the 1st floor of the Center House where you can change diapers for people with disabilities.

Relief center

If you are injured or feel unwell, there is a rescue center on the 1st floor of the Center House (we do not handle medications).
In addition, we can lend a bed for people with disabilities at the first aid center for treatment such as dialysis.

However, please note that we may decline in case of congestion. Also, please bring the equipment to the customer.

Others, barrier-free

Elevators, escalators, and slopes are installed in various parts of the island, and there are payphones that can be used as wheelchairs.
Even people with disabilities can use it with confidence.

Discount rate

Customers with a physical disability certificate, a mental disability certificate of health and welfare, or a nursing certificate will receive a 50% discount on the AQUA RESORTS PASS.
(The same discount will be applied to one caregiver for one person.)

For those with small children


As a service for mothers and children, we rent strollers and prepare baby rooms on the island. Don't worry, even with a baby who can't walk yet.

Baby room (lactation room / diaper changing bed)


Lost child center

Located at the Center House 1F Service Center.

Stroller rental

A stroller is rented out for those with small children (500 yen per car).

Rental place

センターハウス1F サービスセンター(貸出時間は時期により変更がございます。)

Target age


Sale of children's goods

We sell items for small children at the following stores.

Milk powder and baby food retailers
Bay Market D Building 1F
Paper diaper retailer
Bay Market D Building 1F
C ridge 1F
Baby / Children's clothing stores
C ridge 1F
Baby meal served restaurant
Restaurant Plaza

Wi-Fi spot



ホテル シーパラダイス イン ロビー





  • アクアミュージアム1Fインフォメーション

  • アクアミュージアム4Fインフォメーション

  • ベイマーケットD棟ジンベエSHOP前

  • ベイマーケットC棟2階ウエスタンゲームハウス前




Other facilities and services

Coin locker



Coin locker installation location

  • Center House 1F

  • Open Market

  • Aqua Museum entrance (outside)

Usage fee


300 yen

During ~

400 yen


500 yen


600 yen


Installation location

  • Center House 1F

  • Umi Farm

  • Aqua Museum 4F

  • Hotel Sea Paradise dice Inn 1F

  • Surf Coaster LEVIATHAN

  • Merry-go-round

  • Huge three-dimensional maze DEKKAI

  • Paradise Cruise Ship

Cash service corner

The Bank of Yokohama Cash Service Corner (ATM) is set up, and you can also make transfers and deposits.

Bank of Yokohama cash service corner
Usage time

9: 00-21: 00
12/31 is 9: 00-24: 00

(Maintenance etc. may not be available.)

Please note that cash cards other than the Bank of Yokohama may not be accepted due to the circumstances of the financial institution concerned.