Butterfly der

A new attraction "Butterflyder" with a butterfly motif

When you pedal, you can enjoy the fluffy climb up to a height of 4m, and even small children can enjoy it with their families with peace of mind.

Attractions overview

Price 300 yen once
Required time About 2 minutes
Capacity 12 people (6 units x 2 people) * Up to elementary school students can use 1 unit for 2 people
チケット種類 フリーパス○
Height / age restrictions / remarks ・ Available for one person from a height of 110 cm or more (Available from a height of 95 cm or more)
* If you are under 110 cm tall, you need to be accompanied by a guardian over 18 years old.

Attraction image



"Sita-kun" met Capybara's "Kappi-kun" and Kawauso's "Kar-chan" on an island in the rainforest. As the three of them proceeded down the island, beautiful butterflies with feathers came down. The wings of a butterfly have a mysterious power, and when you paint the wings, it seems that the flapping power overflows. When the three of them painted their feathers, they thanked me for showing me a beautiful view of the island from the sky.

usage limit

・ Those who have heart disease
・ People with high blood pressure and low blood pressure
・ Those who are drunk
・ Those who are pregnant
・ Persons with abnormalities in the neck, spinal cord, etc.
・ Those who are not in good physical condition
・ People with osteoporosis
・ Those who do not fit the seat, safety bar, and seat belt
・ Those who are judged by the staff to be unable to board safely

April 27, 2021 The attraction has been reopened !!!