The theme is "Okhotsk Sea" and "Drift Ice World"!

In collaboration with "Hokkaido Okhotsk Drift Ice Science Center", an area with the theme "Sea of Okhotsk" and "World of Drift Ice" has appeared as a permanent exhibition.
In the existing area where seals live, new creatures with different shapes, such as the drift ice fairy "Clione" and the "wolffish" and "fuusenuu" that live in the sea of Okhotsk, are joining the group.
In addition, a touching booth has been set up where you can touch the real drift ice that arrived from the Hokkaido Okhotsk Drift Ice Science Center, and the top wall of the aquarium has creatures that live in the extremely cold environment of the drift ice and the sea of Okhotsk and the magnificent Hokkaido. Creates a realistic exhibition space by projecting images of natural scenery.
In addition, we will introduce the "Hokkaido Okhotsk Drift Ice Science Center" and introduce commentary panels on the "Sea of Okhotsk" and the "World of Drift Ice" to introduce the wonders of the region and the mysteries of the creatures that inhabit it. I will do it. Experience a magnificent and fantastic world through the area.

Colorful winter of messenger Sea Paradise alight in! A large collection of unique sea creatures!

We are exhibiting creatures with different expressions, such as the drift ice fairy "Clione" and the "wolffish", "fusenuo", and "fusaginpo" that live in the sea of Okhotsk.

"Clione" is a companion to snails, has no shells, and is known as a "floating ice fairy" because of its adorable appearance of swimming with "wings" that look like wings. It is a mysterious creature that appears when drift ice comes along the coast of Hokkaido and disappears as the drift ice decreases.

The wolffish, which has sharp teeth and a strong face, the fuusanfish, which has a round figure like a dango and a charming face, is a popular face for divers because it hides its face in a rocky gap and makes a face. Creatures such as "Fusaginpo" that live in the sea of Okhotsk will also gather.
A colorful winter messenger descends on Sea Paradise and invites you to a fantastic world. And you can experience the mysterious charm of the unique creatures of the sea.


You can touch the real drift ice!

We have a touching booth where you can touch the real drift ice from the Hokkaido Okhotsk Drift Ice Science Center.

The touching booth is currently closed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.


Creatures seen in this area