Sea Paradise is a character fish of Yellow tang will welcomes everyone.

Aqua Museum is an Aquariums where you can see all the creatures living in various environments under the concept of "connection between the sea and the forest."
The tank group of the LABO1 width to about 10 meters is also a welcome space Sea Paradise is a character fish of "Yellow tang" and "False clown anemonefish", "Spotted garden eel exhibition Ninkimono such as" was to reproduce the "coral reefs of the sea", which is also known as the sea of tropical rainforest We welcome you.


Let's leave memories of the Aquariums with photos!

Aqua Museum There is a photo service in front of a replica of White whale at the entrance of the building.
A photo taken by a professional photographer will be made into a business card size card and you will receive one free gift per group! For those who wish, a photo with an original mount (postcard size: 1,300 yen per sheet) and an original key chain (1,300 yen) that contains the taken photo are also on sale!
We also offer a photo data download service that can be viewed on smartphones and mobile phones.


Aqua Museum opening to 17:00
* Subject to change depending on the date.


Aqua Museum 1F


The shooting fee is free! In addition, you can get a free photo with a White whale as a card!

If you would like the following products, we will charge you.
■ Photo with original mount (postcard size) = 1,300 yen per sheet
■ Keychain (9.8cm x 6.2cm) = 1,300 yen per piece
■ Mount & Keychain set = 1 set 2,100 yen

Creatures seen in this area