Water that is the source of all living things. A drop of water that falls from the sky becomes a stream flowing into the forest, where several streams meet and become a large stream that is poured into the mother sea.
LABO11 "FORESTRIUM in", land organisms and waterside of the organism, waterfowl, freshwater fish, such as, are on display a variety of creatures that live in the water and the woods. In addition, we have an experience program where you can give them a meal and try it.

Tree creature


FORESTRIUM 's popular "Red Panda"

"Lesser Panda" is an idol in the animal world, with fluffy fur and crisp eyes.

Due to the red panda promenade and glass-lined partitions that protrude into the viewing space for customers, it is an exhibition where you can fully enjoy the charm of the red panda up close.
Enjoy the view of the Red Panda climbing trees, eating rice, and running around your head from various angles.


Mori no Komichi



Close-up observation of various creatures such as capybara, mara and flamingos!

You can observe creatures at a very close distance without any separation, not through traditional fences or acrylics.
There are also lectures and feeding events to give a deeper understanding of living things, and it is a space that can be enjoyed by adults as well as children.

Creatures on the water


Kyunkyun for cute otters ♪

An area where otters enthusiastically run around, such as a land-based playground, hammock, and waterfront. You can show agile movements, take a nap, and enjoy various expressions of otters.

Check with video

Amazon river and mangrove fish


Tropical freshwater fish with various characteristics

It is a zone of freshwater fish with various characteristics. You can observe unique fish such as piranha and garalfa.

Events that can be experienced in this area