The number of breeding exhibitions The number one species of sea slugs and shellfish in Japan is exhibited!

An area where you can not only see and experience, but also experience, the best number of species of sea slugs and shellfish in Japan. Since ancient times, shellfish have been treated as ornaments and currencies, and have the power to attract people.
Among them, the pearls produced by sea slugs and shells are called "sea and gems", and their beauty and excitement when you find them are the same as when you found them. At LABO2 "Shellulium", you can also experience the extraction of real pearls from pearl oysters.

Experience program

Pearl removal experience


Let's experience the real pearls extracted from pearl oysters!

You can make original accessories by taking out pearls from pearl oysters and processing them with your own hands.

open time




* A separate fee will be charged when processing accessories.
(1,000-3,000 yen)

Required time

About 5 minutes

Reception place

Aqua Museum 1F Sea Jewel Shellium

Reception method

Aqua Museum 1F Reception at the Sea Jewel Shellium


Aqua Museum 1F
Sea jewel shellium

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