Umi Farm Kitchen

You can eat the fish you caught right away!


store information

place Bay Market Building B 2F
Price ~ 1,000 yen
TEL 045-788-9624
Remarks 感染防止対策基本4項目「アクリル板等の設置・座席間隔の確保」「手指消毒」「マスク飲食の推奨」「換気」を遵守しています。

The Umi Farm" and the fish purchased at "Fish Marche". The fried food with the original sauce using "Shonan Gold", a citrus developed by Kanagawa Prefecture, can be eaten as a burger or rice bowl as an option. The side menu is also substantial! After experiencing fishing, relax here.



Enjoy with the sauce of "Shonan Gold" that spreads the citrus scent!


Grilled horse mackerel is also recommended!


Ice cream is also available. It's also good to eat with fried food!


Full side menu! Have a full stomach.