having fun with family

Aquariums, attractions, restaurants and shopping stores... you can't decide where to go! Here are some recommended ways to enjoy it!

having fun with family

1. Enjoy attractions at Shita's Dream Island!

There are 16 types of attractions on the island, and 4 types of attractions for kids at "Shita no Dream Island"!

For those who want to enjoy more thrills, "Viking" and "DEKKAI", which is a short walk along the coast, are also recommended.
Avoid crowds and enjoy attractions in the morning!

2. Secure today's snacks at the light restaurant "Dolphin"!

At the light restaurant Dolphin, Sea Paradise 's original bucket with caramel popcorn is on sale (1,900 yen with bucket). Because it comes with a lid and can be carried around, it is perfect as a snack to eat while waiting for an attraction. You can also eat and drink at the "Aqua Stadium" in Aqua Museum, where the "Marine Mammals Show" is held. How about eating popcorn while watching a show?

3. Watch the popular Marine Mammals Show!

Let's jump into the world of living creatures at the "Aqua Museum" where 700 kinds and 120,000 living creatures live! The "Marine Mammals Show" will be held at the "Aqua Stadium" on the 4th floor of Aqua Museum. The dynamic performance of the dolphins is sure to overwhelm adults and children alike.

4. Fishing at "Umi Farm". Learn about the importance of life in a fun and delicious way!

This is Aquariums based on the concept of "sea education," where you can learn about the importance of life by eating the fish you catch, as well as exhibits about the creatures that live in the sea and the environment. It is also recommended for small children because it is fun and delicious to learn while observing the real sea!

5. BBQ at "YAKIYA Seafood & Grill" for lunch!

It is a restaurant where you can enjoy all-you-can-eat BBQ for 90 minutes empty-handed. There are also child price settings and a la carte dishes. Premium terrace seats where you can feel the sea breeze (seat fee not included) are also recommended!
You can also eat the fish you caught at Umi Farm grilled with salt.

◎ Baby meals are available at Shiosai Ryori Kaisuke and La Tarafuku.

6. Watch "Animal Performance" at "Fureai Lagoon"! Experience sea creatures up close!

"Fureai Lagoon" is an open Aquariums where you can feel the sea creatures up close by removing as many partitions as possible between creatures and people. "Animal Performance" is a representative program of "Fureai Lagoon" featuring various animals.

We also recommend memorable experience programs such as the "Penguin, Seal, Otalia Sea Creature Peeping Party" where you can explore the living spaces of the creatures living here! (separate fee, advance online reservation required)

7.Enjoy evening and night attractions!

Cruise elegantly around the sea around Hakkeijima ♪ Let's see the sunset scenery of Hakkeijima from the boat! The lighted-up Merry-go-round from evening to night is also recommended. You can take wonderful memories of your family in a wonderful atmosphere!
*Please check Paradise Cruise cruise schedule here.

8. Bye-bye to the dolphins in "Dolphin Fantasy"!

On sunny days, the sun shines down on Dolphin Fantasy and you can see dolphins swimming in the glittering water. The dolphins may come close to you! ? It is also recommended as a photo spot.

10. Let's buy a souvenir to take home as a memory of playing a lot!

Each shop sells many products exclusive to Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise. Make fun memories and take them home!
"Jinbei SHOP" and "Friendia" will sell the "plush toy lottery that won a dolphin no matter how hard you try" for 1,000 yen per play, which became a hot topic on SNS!