Sea creatures and people. A "new moving experience" that you can feel with your skin and interact with your heartFureai Lagoon

Not only by "seeing" and "knowing" but also by "contacting" and "feeling"
" Fureai Lagoon" where "heart and heart communication" with sea creatures is born.
As a community of people and the creatures of the sea, we will deliver a lot of excitement to you.

Due to the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in Kanagawa Prefecture, as an epidemic prevention measure for farmed birds, we will be making changes to some bird exhibits and program content as follows.

Cape penguin exhibits (including parades and petting performances) have been canceled.
Exhibition of African horned owl, Harris hawk, and blue macaw at "Welcome Port" has been canceled.
Cape penguin, African horned owl, Harris hawk, and blue-fronted macaw appear in "Animal Performance" canceled
Admission to the area where Cape penguin live in the paid program "Penguin, Seals, and Otaria Sea Creatures Peek Party" has been canceled.
Paid program “Earth-eared owl flight experience” canceled

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Bottlenose dolphin
South American sea lion
Asian short-clawed otter
Spotted Eagle Owl
Blue-and-yellow macaw

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