Facility and service information

For customers visiting Kurushima

Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, we provide the following services and measures so that all customers, including those with physical disabilities and those with small children, can spend their time comfortably. I'm here. We also have a permanent first aid center in case of emergencies.

At Aqua Resorts (Aquariums) and Pleasure Land (attractions), we have spaces and attractions that can be used by people with disabilities. If you have any questions, please feel free to Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise.

Wheelchair rental

Nursing corner

Relief center

Baby room

Lost child center

Stroller rental



Coin locker

Cash service corner

Wi-Fi spot




For the physically handicapped

About using Pleasure Land (attraction)

Wheelchairs are available.

[Target attraction]

Merry-go-round, Island Tour Bus, Paradise Cruise, Sea Train

For safety reasons, an accompanying person must ride with you and support your wheelchair while driving.
Those who can move to a seat with the cooperation of an attendant can use it.

[Target attraction]

Sea Paradise Tower, Red Baron, Bubble Shooter, Butterflyer, Flight Eagle

For your safety, please have a companion accompany you while driving.
Those who can walk on their own, go up and down stairs, can hold on to safety bands and levers, bend their knees, and step on their feet to use the wheelchair.

[Target attraction]

Surf Coaster LEVIATHAN Revere Sun, Aqua RideⅡ, Viking, Sea Boat, Marine Kart Fantasia

You may be asked to ride with a companion.
In the event of an emergency, you will be asked to follow narrow emergency passages, stairs, and roads with poor footing.
In order to ensure the safety of our customers, please agree to the following items before using.

・You will be asked to walk past the attraction ticket gate and board the attraction.
・In that case, please ride without the help of a third party (carrying, holding, shouldering, etc.).
・When boarding, if the staff judges it to be dangerous, there is a possibility that you will be refused boarding.
*Those who cannot evacuate outside the venue even with the assistance of someone accompanying them in an emergency cannot use this service.

After fully understanding the above contents, we will not be responsible for injuries etc. due to customer's convenience.
If you are visually, hearing, or speech impaired, or have other disabilities, please consult the staff.
In addition, we may refuse to use it at the discretion of the staff.

For wheelchair users

Barrier-free on the island

You can use the elevator to view the Aquariums facility. You can also use the elevator to go around the Bay Market, where restaurants and shops are located. Please check the following materials for the viewing passage in the Aqua Museum.

Wheelchair accessible toilet

Aqua Museum 1F multi-purpose restroom

Aqua Museum 1F multi-purpose restroom

Aqua Museum 1F multi-purpose restroom

Aqua Museum 4F multi-purpose restroom

Aqua Museum 4F multi-purpose restroom (right)

Aqua Museum 4F multi-purpose restroom (left)

There are 13 wheelchair-accessible restrooms on Hakkeijima
Please check the island map for details.

wheelchair rental

Wheelchairs are available free of charge for the physically challenged. Please note that the number of units is limited, so please use them only for emergencies.

Nursing corner

Nursing care corners where disabled people can change their diapers are located on the 1st floor of the Center House and the 1st floor of the Aqua Museum.

Relief center

If you are injured or feel unwell, there is a rescue center on the 1st floor of the Center House (we do not handle medications).
In addition, we can lend a bed for people with disabilities at the first aid center for treatment such as dialysis.

However, please note that there may be times when we are not able to accommodate you, such as when it is crowded. Please bring your own equipment.

Discount rate

Customers who have a physical disability certificate, mental disability certificate, or rehabilitation certificate will receive a 50% discount on the AQUA RESORTS PASS.
(The same 50% discount applies to one caregiver (over 18 years old) for one person.)

There is no discount rate for ONE DAY PASS.

For those with small children

As a service for mothers and children, we rent strollers and prepare baby rooms on the island. Don't worry, even with a baby who can't walk yet.

baby room information

Baby rooms where you can breastfeed and change diapers are available at 5 locations on the island (Aqua Museum 1F, Center House 1F, Bay Market B Building 1F, Carnival House 1F, Fureai Lagoon Exit).

Lost child center

Located at the Center House 1F Service Center.

For strollers

Barrier-free on the island

You can use the elevator to view the Aquariums facility. If you would like to check the viewing route in advance, please contact the Aqua Museum. You can also use the elevator to go around the Bay Market, where restaurants and shops are located.

Stroller rental

貸出場所:センターハウス1F サービスセンター(貸出時間は時期により変更がございます。)
体重限度:18kg まで

Sale of children's goods

We sell items for small children at the following stores.

powdered milk storeBay Market Building C 1F

Paper diaper retailerBay Market Building D 1F

Baby / Children's clothing storesBuilding C 1F

Baby meal served restaurantRestaurant Plaza

Facilities and services for safety and security


There are three manned information centers on the island. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems on the island or if you have any questions.

placeAqua Museum 1F next to the ticket office
Open Market
Marine Gate entrance

*Business hours are subject to change without notice.


AEDs are installed at 8 locations on the island.

Installation location・ Center House 1F
・ Umi Farm
・ Aqua Museum 4F
・Hotel Sea Paradise Inn 1F
・ Surf Coaster LEVIATHAN
・ Merry-go-round
・Giant three-dimensional maze DEKKAI
・ Paradise Cruise ship

Evacuation route in the event of an earthquake

Relief center

If you get injured or feel sick, there is a first aid center on the 1st floor of the Center House (we do not handle oral medicine). In addition, at the First Aid Center, you can rent a bed for people with physical disabilities to undergo treatment such as dialysis.

Information on island services

Coin locker

We have 280 coin lockers on the island. There is no change machine nearby, so if you would like to use a locker, please prepare coins in advance.

Installation locationCenter House 1F
Open Market
Aqua Museum entrance (outside)
Price300 yen to 600 yen

Cash service corner

The Bank of Yokohama Cash Service Corner (ATM) is set up, and you can also make transfers and deposits.

Usage time9:00-21:00
(May not be available due to maintenance, etc.)

*Please note that cash cards other than those of the Bank of Yokohama may not be available due to the circumstances of the financial institution concerned.


Wi-Fi spot

We provide free Wi-Fi (public wireless LAN) service for customers in some areas of Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise The places where you can use it are as follows.

Aqua Museum Square
Aqua Museum 1F Shellium
Aqua Museum 4F Aqua Stadium
Umi Farm
Hotel Sea Paradise dice Inn lobby

Mobile battery rental service

We have introduced the mobile battery rental service "Charlen" in some areas of Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise You can easily charge your smartphone.

Installation locationAqua Museum 1F Information
Aqua Museum 4F Information
In front of Jinbei Shop in Bay Market Building D
In front of Western Game House on the 2nd floor of Bay Market Building C
330 yen per unit (tax included)