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Covering an entire island, one of Japan’s biggest theme parks!
Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, located in the city of Yokohama’s Kanazawa Ward area of Yokohama Bay, covers an entire island of approx. 24 hectares. The sea, island and living creatures that characterize the ocean leisure park come together in the only park of its kind in the metropolitan area—one that covers an entire island. The park combines aquariums, a theme park, a shopping area, restaurants and a hotel. Since its opening on May 8, 1993, local people, people from the metropolitan area, and more recently foreign visitors, have flocked to Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise.
Easy access from Tokyo and local tourist spots.
It only takes around an hour from Tokyo tourist destinations like Asakusa, Shinjuku and the Tokyo Station area, and only around half an hour from the Yokohama Bay Area, Kamakura or Enoshima. Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is the only leisure island that allows visitors to experience the seas of Japan, an island, and various living creatures so close to the heart of the city.
Access from major stations

Aquarium (Aqua Resorts)

Aquarium (Aqua Resorts)

Feel and experience the natural, soothing power of the ocean with all of the fun of the sea, crammed into four wonderfully distinct themed aquariums.

Aqua Museum
Observe 120,000 sea creatures from 700 species in one of Japan’s biggest large-scale aquariums. Enjoy as the theater and pageantry of the creatures of the sea unfolds before you.
Fureai Lagoon
A unique aquarium where you can get as close as possible to, and directly interact with, some of Sea Paradise’s special residents.
Umi Farm
Taking marine education as its central concept, this experiential aquarium lets you catch fish by rod, and fry them up to eat on the spot!
Dolphin Fantasy
The arch-shaped tunnel lets you observe the dolphins as they freely spin and wheel past you as though you were really walking on the bottom of the sea. An otherworldly space to get as close as possible to the natural marine environment made real.

Pleasure Land

Pleasure Land

Using the island’s natural characteristics, the theme parks 16 attractions let you go wild! From kids to adults, the whole family can feel the thrills and excitement. Here are some of the attractions that feature at the park.

Surf Coaster (Leviathan)
The only one of its kind in Japan! A roller coaster with a 1,271-meter-long course with loops jutting out over the ocean. A full-thrills attraction that gets up to a white-knuckle top speed of 75 km/h.
Sea Paradise Tower
Get a 360º panoramic view of the whole island and the surrounding area from one spot. The cabin slowly rotates as it ascends 90 meters. On a clear day, you can see as far as Mt. Fuji.
Giant 3D Maze the “Dekkai”
Giant 3D Maze the “Dekkai” in one of Japan‘s biggest. The maze has three courses of varying difficulty. Both kids and adults can enjoy the “Dekkai”.
Paradise Cruise
Circle the island in a sightseeing pleasure boat that looks like a pirate ship. Feel the swell of the waves, only possible in this kind of small vessel. On sunny days you can enjoy the feeling of the cooling breeze as it comes off the sea. Enjoy the seas of Japan with this popular mini-cruise.

Full of food choices! A wide variety of restaurants and eateries

Come empty-handed to Yakiya, where you can have a barbecue beside the sea, with all-you-can-eat seafood and meat for 90 minutes! Feel the tidal breeze waft in as you enjoy a barbecue in our half-indoor, half-outdoor restaurant.
Visitors can enjoy a variety of restaurants such as "Shiosai Cuisine YASUKE" where you can eat seafood, and “COBARA CAFE" where you can have cute parfaits with dolphin motifs.
There are also restaurants and cafes that have menus that can be easily eaten while walking around the park.
Sea Paradise has a total of 15 restaurants and food stalls.

restaurants and eateries

Wide range of souvenir and merchandise shops!

In the Bay Market merchandise and shopping area, you can pick up adorable sea creature soft toys and miscellaneous goods, in addition to fashion items like T-shirts, confectionary and marine goods. You’ll find an extensive line-up of original good you won’t be able to buy anywhere else! Take home some of your fantastic Sea Paradise memories.


How about taking your time and enjoying the island more comfortably, with a stay at the hotel?

Feel the sea breeze at the Sea Paradise Inn where every room has an ocean view. From the aquarium-side of the room you can gaze out over Sea Paradise’s nightscape or over the Fureai Lagoon. Overnight guests can also take advantage of the complimentary breakfasts. Stay at the Sea Paradise Inn and enjoy your relaxing stay at the park.

Guest room overview (all rooms include bathroom, toilet and balcony)
20 Family Rooms(for 2-4 guests)
8 Twins Rooms(for 2 guests)
Check-in:14:00 / Check-out:10:00
【FY2022 amounts】
April – November, March : 9,700 yen~
December – February : 8,100 yen~
【FY2023 amounts】
April-November, March : 14,300 yen~
December – February : 11,100 yen~
*Price including tickets that you can enjoying aquarium and attractions.
*Prices vary by season and number of guests.
For more details, please contact us by telephone:

シーパラダイス イン

Hotel Sea Paradise Inn

SEIBU PRINCE CLUB emi is a member service program that offers high-quality hospitality and special benefit services to ensure that overseas guests have an unforgettable time in Japan. Through this program, we will see to it that guests experience plenty of joy in all aspects of their stay in Japan.