Sea Paradise official app birth that you can play conveniently and profitably!

November 10, 2022

Sea Paradise official app birth!

You can easily display information you want to know, such as the map function that displays destinations by category, such as Aquariums and attractions on the island, and event schedules and wait times for attractions. In addition, discount coupons that can be used in the facility are also being distributed!
Let's enjoy Sea Paradise more fun and comfortably with the Sea Paradise official app ♪

Recommended function

Island map (GPS)

Island MAP that can be switched for each purpose

You can easily check the locations of Aquariums, attractions and restaurants on the island. The map can be displayed on the map according to each category, so you can smoothly search for only the information you want to know from the map.
You can also use GPS to quickly find out about services on the island, such as the closest restrooms and smoking areas from your current location.

Island map (AR)

The direction and distance are also perfect on the AR map

In addition to the GPS map, check the distance and direction of the facility from your current location on the AR map! You can move smoothly even in a large island.

Event time/Attraction waiting time

It's easy to make a schedule and you can play all day long!

You can see the schedule of events and wait times for attractions, so you can plan your future schedule smoothly!

Discount Coupon Download

Deliver coupons that can be used at restaurants and shops on the island

We plan to distribute discount coupons limited to downloads that can be used at each store.

Please note that the coupons that can be used differ depending on the date.

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iphone version

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