"Sea education" People interact with the natural sea and grow with it.

Feeling the environment of the sea familiarly through "raising," "harvesting," and "eating" the sea and creatures,
And I thought of thinking as "sea education".
By carrying out activities to protect the sea while experiencing the creatures nurtured by the sea,
We aim to learn the importance of the natural environment while having fun and playing.

Facilities in the building

Shokuiku (Food Education) zone


Fishing square

Even small children and beginners can easily enjoy fishing.
The fish you caught is used as a fried chicken or hamburger in "KARATTO KITCHEN"!
Let's catch, eat and have fun!

Please eat all the caught fish.

Fish you can catch now

You can cook the fish you caught at "KARATTO KITCHEN" or "YAKIYA Seafood & Grill".

Horse mackerel

Horse mackerel

Participation fee

type fishing
Participation fee (1 person)

650 yen
(Including rental rod, rental bucket, food)

Attendant entrance

100 yen
(Up to 1 per participant)

Cooking fee

Japanese horse mackerel ¥290~
Red sea bream 1,780 yen~

*The amount varies depending on the cooking method.
*Fish may change depending on the season.


・ Those under 9 years old must be accompanied by a guardian.
・ Eat all the fish you caught. Please enjoy as much as you can.
・ Even if you overfish, you cannot return to a fish cage. Please be careful not to overfish
・ You cannot bring in a fishing rod


A separate ticket is required to enter the Aqua Resorts (Aquariums).



You can cook the caught fish and fried it.


From 290 yen

Option menu

Aji Burger


+300 yen


Fried horse mackerel


+300 yen

Ocean Lab



You can observe how various types of seaweed grow.


Submarine search

You can observe the state of the natural sea that changes throughout the four seasons, fish fish, and the ecology of creatures that gather in the sea.

Marine education program

Highlight POINT

Fishing square

You can catch horse mackerel and seasonal fish, and even children and beginners can enjoy it easily!

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