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With family, lovers and friends! ! When you want to play, you can play!
Enjoy Sea Paradise with a great annual pass!

You can purchase the Seapara Premium Pass, a very advantageous annual pass that allows you to use Aqua Resorts (4 Aquariums facilities) and Pleasure Land (attractions) as many times as you like, at any time of the year.
You can enjoy Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise at any time of the year for the price of two one-ONE DAY PASS (4 Aquariums facilities + all-you-can-ride attractions pass).

Seapara Premium Pass (annual pass) details

Seapara Premium Pass can only be used by the person himself/herself. A photo is required to issue a pass card.
Ticket contentsAnnual pass valid for 1 year from purchase
・Admission to Aqua Resorts (4 Aquariums)
  Aqua Museum
  Umi Farm
  Fureai Lagoon
  dolphin fantasy

・Unlimited rides at Pleasure Land (attraction)
* Seapara Premium Pass can only be used by the person himself/herself.
* A photo is required to issue a pass card.


Adults and high school students 11,200 yen
Senior (65 years old and over) 8,000 yen
Elementary and junior high school students 8,000 yen
Infant (4 years old and over) 4,600 yen
* The age and grade on the expiration date start date apply.
*The grade change will be on April 1st.
Sale placeAqua Museum 1F Ticket Office
(Aqua Museum opening-17: 00)
Contact us シーパラプレミアムパス事務局
Referral and renewal discounts will end on March 31, 2024.

For those who purchased an annual pass as a gift

You can send the Seapara Premium Pass and Aqua Resorts (Aquariums) tickets to your loved ones as gifts. Recommended for those who want to give wonderful memories.

Purchase procedure description


Please pay the fee at Aqua Museum 1F ticket office.


After payment, we will give you a pass card after applying and taking a photo at the Seapara Premium Pass application venue.

You may have to wait when the venue is crowded.

Seapara Premium Pass Benefits

Benefits may not be available due to changes in business content. Benefits are subject to change without notice.


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