Hotel Sea Paradise Inn Guest Benefit Information

We offer a number of special benefits only for guests staying at Hotel Sea Paradise Inn so that you can enjoy Sea Sea Paradise to your heart's content.

Privilege 1 Includes "Vacation Pass", a ticket exclusively for hotel guests!

All-you-can-play Sea Paradise!

During your stay (from the check-in date to the check-out date), you can enter the 4 Aquariums in Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise enjoy unlimited rides on attractions.

The vacation pass can only be used during the business hours of Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise.
You may not be able to use it due to age restrictions, height restrictions, etc.
Some content, such as special amusement and experience programs, will be charged separately.

Privilege 2 Visit Fureai Lagoon before opening for guests only!

Enjoy Fureai Lagoon before opening ♪

The Fureai Lagoon (Aquariums), which is adjacent to the hotel, can be visited by guests only before the opening of the hotel the next morning. In addition, you can see "communication" between the zookeepers and the animals nearby.

There may be areas that cannot be viewed due to the physical condition of the animals and bad weather.
The tour schedule will be from 8:30 to 9:00 the next morning of your stay. Schedule is subject to change without notice.
During the busy season such as Obon and the year-end and New Year holidays, the "Fureai Lagoon Tour Program before Opening" may not be held. Please contact us for details.

Privilege 3 We will keep your luggage.

Easy to leave your luggage♪

We offer a luggage storage service for your convenience during your stay. Please enjoy Sea Paradise with peace of mind.

For customers sending luggage
If you want to send your luggage to the hotel in advance by courier, please send it 2-3 days before your stay.
Due to the location of the hotel, it may not arrive even if it is shipped the day before. Please contact the hotel for details.

Great deals at shops and restaurants on the island!

As a benefit for guests, you can use various amusement and restaurants in Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise at discounted prices!

Business days and hours vary depending on the facility or restaurant. Please check before using.


Name of facility Benefits
Kids Area “Asoventure”子供(7ヶ月~9才)1,500円 → 1,400円
保護者(18才以上)600円 → 500円

Shocking horror house100 yen discount from basic charge
A new sensation attraction that combines mystery solving and horror! Go through the maze of terrors and find the code to break the curse...
Jewel hunting experience1 time 10 minutes 700 yen → 600 yen
Find over 20 types of gems in the sand! All-you-can-take gems within the time limit! !
Chanbara Gym Guardian Academy ~Sea Swordsman Training School~100 yen discount from basic charge
Attraction where you can enjoy chanbara while experiencing an original story


Name of facilityBenefits
Seafood & Grill YAKIYA お会計から5%OFF
Hawaiian Cafe & Restaurant Merengue5% off your bill
You can enjoy a variety of loco food such as freshly baked fluffy pancakes, chicken plates, garlic shrimp, and malasadas.
Umi Farm Kitchen魚5尾以上でジューシーズ(フローズンデザート※氷菓※)1個無料

You can also purchase the Seapara Premium Pass (annual pass) at a special rate.

You can purchase the Seapara Premium Pass (annual pass) at a preferential rate only within the expiration date of the vacation pass. Please purchase at the ticket office.

大人・高校生:11,200円 → 10,100円
小・中学生:8,000円 → 7,200円
幼児(4才以上):4,600円 → 4,100円
シニア(65才以上):8,000円 → 7,200円

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