Sustainability Action “Hohoe Moving”

Aquariums and zoos are not just fun,
A little realization and discovery can be found
It is also a place of learning.

“What kind of places and environments do living things live in?”
"What can we do to protect the natural environment?"

Together with our customers and local residents,
I will think about the environment and the future earth.

Because our actions today will change the future.

"Hohoe Moving"
Promoted by Yokohama Hakkeijima Co., Ltd.
all living things on earth
This is a sustainability action project to create a future where people can live with smiles.

Efforts at Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

In particular, we are promoting initiatives from the three perspectives of "conservation of the marine environment, let's protect the sea," "protection of wildlife, let's protect living creatures," and "environmental enlightenment and awareness of nature." We will consider the natural environment, air, and water resources by contributing to environmental conservation through our business.

Areas of particular focus

As a company that operates general leisure facilities, we will promote sustainability actions that specialize in the following areas.

1. Safety


3. Society

4. Company culture