Sharks are well-known kings of the ocean, traveling the world's oceans and even living in Tokyo Bay. In the new area, you can actually see and touch the shark's excellent abilities and ecology, learn while experiencing it, and approach the secrets of the "shark" body.



Point introduction

You can learn while listening to explanations about "sharks" from the keepers! "Shark experience counter" is now available!

This is a new corner where you can touch the shark's "jaw", "teeth", "skin", "eggshell", etc. and observe it under a microscope.

jagged shark teeth

The morphology of shark teeth varies depending on the prey they eat. In addition to the jagged `` sawtooth '' that bites large prey, sharks with plate-shaped teeth that crush hard things such as sea urchins and crabs and sharks that eat plankton as a staple food have teeth smaller than grains of rice.

ticking shark eggshell

Shark friends mate with females using clasps (copulatory organs) in which part of the male's ventral fin has changed, and perform internal fertilization. There are also oviparous sharks, which produce fertilized eggs, and viviparous sharks, which hatch from the eggs in the belly of the mother shark and are born in the same shape as their parents.

rough shark skin

The true nature of the rough shark skin is the scales called "junrin", which grow from the head side to the tail fin side, so it feels rough to the touch. These rough scales reduce frictional resistance when swimming.


placeAqua Museum 3F LABO8
RemarksYou can touch the reef shark and the cat shark.