Umi Farm Fisherman's Oasis

This area consists of Umi Farm 's main program, "Fishing," and the "Marine Biotope," where you can observe sea creatures.


Content introduction


Learn while having fun!

While having fun, you can learn about the deliciousness of fish and the importance of life.
The main program of Umi Farm!
You can cook and eat the fish you catch at "Umi Farm Kitchen" or "YAKIYA Seafood & Grill".

You can eat all the fish you catch. Let's fish as much as we can eat.

Marine biotope

In the marine biotope, you can observe the living spaces where living creatures live in a more natural way. This area was made possible because it is Aquariums that floats on the sea.
Let's observe living things while checking the feel of seawater and sand, feeling the sound of waves and the shaking of the water surface!

Programs you can experience in this area

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