Easy without changing trains! Great value "limousine & Sea Paradise ticket"

Easy without changing trains! Great value "Limousine & Sea Paradise Ticket"

A limousine bus ticket that allows you to easily travel from Yokohama Station (YCAT) to Sea Paradise without changing trains, an AQUA RESORTS PASS (Aquariums admission ticket) for Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise and a ticket that can be used at designated stores on Hakkeijima. This is a great value ticket that comes with a coupon (500 yen worth).

It is also possible to use only the limousine bus.

You can also upgrade to ONE DAY PASS when exchanging tickets at the ticket office of Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise. Please pay the difference.

How to make a reservation

Reservations will be accepted and released from one month before the boarding date to 18:15 the day before.

For online reservations

Please make a reservation from the reservation site. Before boarding, you need to issue a ticket at a convenience store or Keikyu counter.

When making a reservation at a convenience store

You can receive your ticket from a ticket machine at various convenience stores.

<Store stores>
Lawson, Ministop, 7-Eleven (web reservation only)

For details, please contact each store.

When making a reservation at the Keikyu Bus counter

You can make reservations and receive tickets directly at the Keikyu Bus counter.

<Target counter>
Yokohama East Exit Bus Terminal Information Center/Yokosuka Information Center

You can also purchase at the YCAT bus ticket counter only if there are vacant seats on the day.

Price example

Departure stationAdults (junior high school students and above)Child
Yokohama Station (YCAT) / Minatomirai DistrictUp to 4,600 yen3,200 yen ¥2,900¥2,550
Prices have changed from December 1, 2022.
At the ticket office of Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, "Limousine &Sea Paradise Ticket" We do not handle sales. Keikyu bus tickets (return trip only) are handled.