restaurant boo's cafe

children's menu

A family restaurant marked by dolphins

When you leave Aquariums, you can see the family restaurant "Booz Cafe" with dolphins as a landmark.
We have a wide variety of dishes, and they are delicious! A sense of volume! Both are perfect. You can enjoy it from children to adults. We also have delicious desserts and drinks for you to take a break.

store information

placeCenter House 3F
PriceFrom 1,000 yen
Number of seats80 seats
children's menu
Pet companion×

Recommended menu

Fluffy omhayashi rice 1,490 yen

Teriyaki hamburger 1,920 yen

Pork cutlet curry 1,490 yen

Children's lunch 760 yen

Mentaiko spaghetti 1,150 yen

Mango and orange sauce pancake with vanilla ice cream - 1,300 yen


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