Carnival House

Indoor amusement for families and couples!

Sea Paradise is an indoor amusement facility where you can enjoy Sea Para original print stickers and crane games where you can get prizes of cute sea creatures limited to Sea Sea Paradise

price100 yen~
Free pass target×
Height limitNone
age limitNone
Other restrictions風俗営業等の規制及び業務の適正化等に関する法律、及びその施行条例に基づき16才未満のお客さまは18:00以降の入場はできません。
Prohibited matter・Smoking inside the facility.
・Admission with pets (However, entry with service dogs and cages is possible)
・Acts that are significantly contrary to public order and morals (occupy multiple game machines, make loud noises, etc.)
・If you do not follow the instructions of the staff
inquiry045-788-9664 (10:00-17:00)

game corner

Various crane games

Lots of seasonal and trendy prizes! Sea Paradise limited stuffed animals are popular

Print sticker corner

Sea Paradise original print sticker machine! !!

rest area