Shocking horror house

age limit

Go through the maze of horrors and find the code!

A new sensation attraction that combines mystery solving and horror! Let's go through the space with various horror effects and find the three codes! After sunset, access the site from your smartphone and enter the code to unravel the truth behind the mysterious "Shocking Horror House"!

Attractions overview

Price700 yen (*600 yen)
(*) This is a preferential rate for those who have a free pass discount.
Free pass target×
Height limitNone
age limit6 years old or older
Required timeabout 6 minutes
business hoursIt conforms to Pleasure Land business hours.
Even if you meet the restrictions, the following people cannot use it.
Those with heart disease
Those with high blood pressure or low blood pressure
Those who have been drinking
Those with abnormalities in the neck, spinal cord, etc.
Those who are not feeling well
People with osteoporosis
Those who do not fit the seat, seat belt, etc.
Those who have been judged by the staff to be unable to ride safely
Wheelchairs cannot be used.

Three members of the Spiritual Study Group, whose ages and occupations are different, that I met on SNS. Obsessed with psychic phenomena, they gathered a lot of information about spirits.

Then he found the ritual depicted in an old book. The ritual is a forbidden ritual that opens the door to the spirit world. The ritual was performed only once long ago. The place is a small temple by the sea.

The book also contained a mysterious passage saying, "The light is born from the east and sinks to the west and dies. After the last light shines at the entrance of the temple, the darkness comes and the door to the spirit world opens." The three visited the place marked. For unknown reasons, the temple has been demolished without a trace, and now a Western-style building is built there. Its appearance, which should be beautiful, gives off a mysterious and eerie appearance. They felt something about this building facing the same direction as the temple.

They sneaked into the Western-style building at midnight and decided to perform the ritual written in the book here. I surrounded the table and dug a magic circle on a wooden table. And I wrote in the "Kotodama" written in the book. All I had to do was wait for the door to open at the set time. But they didn't know that there was something they should never do in this ritual. If you break that rule, horrible things will happen ...