Chanbara Gym Guardian Academy
~Swordsman Training School~

age limit

Aim for the island escort team "Island Guardian"!

While experiencing the original story, hone your swordsmanship and aim to become the island guard "Island Guardian"! Can you survive the rigorous training and become a swordsman of the sea!? ?

Price600 yen (*500 yen)
(*) is a preferential price for those who have a free pass discount.
Free pass target×
Height limitNone
age limit5才以上
Required timeAbout 5 minutes
Capacity2 people per session
business hoursIt conforms to Pleasure Land business hours.
Even if you meet the restrictions, the following people cannot use it.
Those with heart disease
Those with high blood pressure or low blood pressure
Those who have been drinking
Those with abnormalities in the neck, spinal cord, etc.
Those who are not feeling well
People with osteoporosis
Wheelchairs cannot be used.


This is a floating paradise. Many celebrities from all over the world come to enjoy their leisure time. Many ships come and go from the port every day. At some point, pirates who heard rumors about this island began to target the ship. In order to deal with this situation, the island's guard corps "Island Guardian" decided to recruit new recruits, and a wide range of people who were confident in their physical strength and agility gathered from over there.

However, in order to face pirates who are fierce men of the sea, it is necessary to acquire a certain amount of swordsmanship. Therefore, the ``Island guardean Academy-sea swordsman training school-'' was established to train excellent swordsmen. A world-famous swordsman was invited as a lecturer and training of swordsmanship began. Training is tough, how many people can become swordsmen of the sea?