attraction Viking

height limit

Challenge the rough seas on the ship of the "Chibikko Pirates" led by "Sita-kun"!

The hull that sways greatly up to a maximum of 65 degrees is a pirate ship that challenges rough seas. Let's experience a mysterious feeling of weightlessness that jumps between waves many times.

Attractions overview

Price600 yen
Free pass target
Height limit110 cm or more
age limitNone
Other restrictionsIt is available to those who can walk by themselves, climb up and down stairs, firmly grasp the safety band, lever, etc. and can bend their knees and step on their feet.
Required timeAbout 2 minutes
Capacity50 people
business hours
Even if you meet the restrictions, the following people cannot use it.
Those with heart disease
Those with high blood pressure or low blood pressure
Those who have been drinking
Those with abnormalities in the neck, spinal cord, etc.
Those who are not feeling well
People with osteoporosis
Those who do not fit the seat, seat belt, etc.
Those who have been judged by the staff to be unable to ride safely
Wheelchairs cannot be used.