Hotel Sea Paradise Inn Room List

All rooms have ocean views and offer different views in the morning, noon, and night. Sea Paradise room on the Sea Para side, you can see the creatures of the Aquariums" Fureai Lagoon

Room type

family room

We have 4 single beds permanently installed.
Great for families and groups.

Number of people2 to 4 people per room
FacilityBath / toilet (unit bath), TV, pot, hairdryer, refrigerator

Twin room

It is a standard room for 2 people per room.

Number of people1 room 2 people
FacilityBath / toilet (unit bath), TV, pot, hairdryer, refrigerator

View from the room

Sea Paradise dice side

Creatures of Fureai Lagoon

Sea Paradise dice side terrace

Sea Paradise dice side Twin Room

Sea Paradise dice side family room

You can see the creatures of Aquariums" Fureai Lagoon" adjacent to the hotel.

Rooms are arranged in order of reservation. Some rooms do not have a full view of Fureai Lagoon. Please note.

Sea side

Ocean view in the direction of Kanazawa Hakkei and Yokosuka

Sea side terrace

Sea side twin room

Sea side family room

You can enjoy the scenery of "Kanazawa Hakkei" which many ukiyo-e artists such as Utagawa Hiroshige drew as famous pictures.

The view differs depending on the position of each room.

Room image

Information on amenities and equipment

At Hotel Sea Paradise Inn, we have installed an amenity bar in the 1F lobby as part of our efforts to achieve the SDGs.
We kindly ask our customers to take the necessary amenities.

Items available in the amenity barヘアブラシ、ひげそり、コットン・綿棒、幼児用歯ブラシ、幼児用スリッパ、コーヒーパック、緑茶パック、シュガー、クリーミーパウダー、マドラー
Items provided in the guest roomToothbrush, slippers, bath towel, face towel, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, kettle, hair dryer, room wear for adults
rental equipment加湿器、ベビーベッド、ベッドガード、スマートフォン・携帯電話用充電器、Wi-Fiモバイルルーター(無料・当日先着順)、お子さま用浴衣(中サイズ 100~120cm、小サイズ 80~100cm)