Introducing babies born at Sea Paradise!

*Please note that the exhibition of babies may be canceled due to their physical condition.

baby Gentoo Penguin

Two babies have hatched!

Penguin are characterized by their yellow feet and white markings on their heads. During the breeding season, they collect pebbles to build a nest and lay two eggs. The chicks, covered in fluffy feathers, grow out the same waterproof feathers as adults before leaving the nest.
It is currently not open to the public, but it is growing rapidly in the backyard!

birthdayJune 13th and 14th, 2023
birth weightApproximately 80g

Gentoo Penguin

Scientific namePygoscelis papua
English namegentoo penguin
distributionSea area around Antarctica

baby otalia

Now on display at Fureai Lagoon Hillesia Beach!

A baby “Otalia” was born at 13:00 on July 21, 2023! !
The baby is drinking its mother's breast milk, and the mother "Cassis" is struggling to raise her child for the first time.
Please continue to watch over your baby so that he or she grows up to be full of energy!

birthdayJuly 21, 2023 13:00
Body lengthApproximately 70cm
体重 Approximately 8.8kg
RemarksMother: "Cassis"
Father: "Leo"

South American sea lion

Scientific nameOtaria flavescens
English name South American sea lion

Baby Pacific white-sided dolphin

Now open to the public in the viewing space of Aqua Stadium on the 4th floor of Aqua Museum!

On June 26, 2023 at 2:56 a.m., a baby ``white-Pacific white-sided dolphin'' was born! !
The mother, Lulu, is also the mother of Sol, Riru, and Haru, and this is her fourth birth.
Parents and children can be seen from the Aqua Stadium viewing space Marine Mammals Show are held (some viewing restrictions may apply).
Please continue to watch over your baby so that he or she grows up to be full of energy!

birthdayMonday, June 26, 2023
Body lengthApproximately 1m
体重 Approximately 10kg
RemarksMother: "Lulu"

Pacific white-sided dolphin

Scientific nameLagenorhynchus obliquidens
English namePacific white-sided dolphin

prairie dog baby

30 days old

7 days old

Aqua Museum 5F LABO11
Available at "Prairie Garden"!

Mother "Canape" gives birth for the second time! Two babies were born on March 9th! Growing steadily and steadily...

birthdayThursday, March 9, 2023
length at birthaverage 70mm
birth weightAverage 15.75g
RemarksFather: "Oregon"
Mother: "Canape"


Scientific nameCynomys ludovicianus
distributionplains of central north america

Inhabits in groups of 8 to 10 animals called coterie. It makes a huge burrow underground and lives with members of the Cottery. They spend a lot of time digging burrows and are said to spend half of their lives in burrows.

Cape penguin baby

Open to the public at Fureai Lagoon!
(~ 5/14 (Sun) 10: 00-10: 30 only)

Two babies were born in Fureai Lagoon.
When they are born, they have fluffy feathers to maintain their body temperature, but when they lose all their feathers and become juveniles, they become able to swim.
Currently, it is still a sub-adult bird with different patterns from adults.

*In case of rain, it will be released at the program studio in Fureai Lagoon.

birthdayAround 10:30 on Monday, February 6, 2023
at birth
body weight
about 64g
RemarksFather: "Abyss" 9 years old
Mother: "Pierre" 7 years old
Reason for naming: "Bi" and "ru" are taken from the nicknames of the parent individuals.

birthdayMonday, February 13, 2023 around 11:00
birth weightabout 64g
RemarksFather: "Nasubi" 9 years old
Mother: "Hinata" 4 years old
Reason for naming: Since the mother of the parent eggplant is a cucumber, it is named for a plant of the Cucurbitaceae family that grows in the sun.

Cape penguin

Scientific nameSpheniscus demersus
English nameAfrican Penguins
distributionsouthern african coast
EcologyPenguin live in warm places. Humboldt Penguin are very similar in appearance, but Cape penguin are characterized by a single chest line and a thin line. It is called "Cape penguin" because it lives in the Cape region, but it is also called "African Penguin" and "Jackass (Male Donkey) Penguin" because it sounds like a donkey. I'm here. From May to August, the feathers of the whole body are molted, and the new feathers after molting are shiny and fluffy.

Baby Gray seal

Available at Aqua Museum 1F LABO3!

It was born at the "Aqua Museum" around 7:30 am on Monday, April 3rd.
Surprisingly, this is the 6th time that mother "Lucha" has given birth!
Currently, the baby is snuggling up to its mother, "Lusha," and you can see the smiling appearance and cute expressions of the parent and child. When they are born, they are covered with yellow fur, but after about three weeks, they become the same color as their parents.

At 8:10 a.m. on Wednesday, August 9, 2023, a baby Gray seal seal (female), which was on display at Aqua Museum (Aquariums) in "Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise", was feeding during the weaning period. The animal died from malnutrition caused by poor feeding.

birthdayMonday, April 3, 2023 around 7:30 am
Body lengthabout 81cm
体重 about 12kg
RemarksFather: "Didal" Age 33
Mother: "Lucia" 25 years old

Gray seal

Scientific nameHalichoerus grypus
English nameGray seal
distributionNorthern North Atlantic Ocean (Northern coast of Europe to East coast of North America)
EcologyMales have dark spots all over their body, and sometimes the spots are connected to make them black, while females are gray and have spots scattered on their mask. As males grow, their snouts grow thick and long, and they can be aggressive and territorial. Males reach sexual maturity at 8 to 10 years old, females at 5 years old. In the wild, they live on land such as the coast, and usually give birth to one offspring. The gestation period is about 1 year.