Aqua Museum LABO5 "Herd living in vast expanse of sea and sparkling fish "

A large tank that reproduces the natural sea and boasts the largest number of sardines in Japan, with 50,000 sardines swimming in groups.

Small fish that change into various shapes to protect themselves, a group of medium-sized fish aiming for it, and large fish such as sharks that reign at the top. There is a harsh natural sea of "eat and eat". In the sea, a school of fish that migrates according to the changing seasons receives the sunshine and shines beautifully.
LABO5 reproduces the "herd and shine" that survives robustly in the harsh natural sea.

Aqua tube

An escalator that passes through a tube-shaped water tank that covers 180 degrees overhead!

Various creatures living in the large aquarium swim overhead. There may be new discoveries in the appearance of creatures seen from below that you can not usually see. It is a recommended spot where you can enjoy the feeling of walking underwater.

Creatures seen in this area
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Japanese pilchard
Pitted stingray
Scalloped hammerhead