Date of expiry

Oct.1st 2020-Mar.31st 2021

How to use this coupon.

Please show us this coupon at ticket counter of Aqua museum (Aquarium) with your Residence card, Special Permanent Resident Certificate or proof of living in Japan.

(4 Aquariums + Dolphin show)

DenominationNormaldiscountNumber of people
Adult3,000JPY → 2,550JPY(   )
Senior (Over 65 years old) 2,500JPY → 2,130JPY(   )
6-15years old 1,800JPY → 1,530JPY(   )
Infant (Over 4 years old) 900JPY → 770JPY(   )

(4 Aquariums + Dolphin show + Attractions)

DenominationNormaldiscountNumber of people
Adult5,200JPY(4,700JPY)→ 4,500JPY(4,100JPY)(   )
Senior (Over 65 years old) 3,700JPY(3,400JPY)→ 3,300JPY(3,100JPY)(   )
6-15years old 3,700JPY(3,400JPY)→ (   )
Infant (Over 4 years old) 2,100JPY(1,900JPY)→ 1,850JPY(1,700JPY)(   )

※ The price is from Dec 1st 2020 to Feb 28th 2021 in parentheses.


Please purchase entry ticket by submitting this ticket to the ticket counter of Aqua museum (Aquarium).

This ticket can not use with the other discount ticket.

Outdoor facilities (Umi farm, Attractions of pleasure land and others) may pause due to strong wind, bad weather and inspection.

There is an additional charge for using special amusements.

There is possibility that you can not use this coupon depending on the day.

Please note that opening hours and other information may change.