Hakkeijima Station of Seaside Line with a beautiful seaside scenery are nearby station. Keihin Kyuko Line "Kanazawa Hakkei station" and JR Negishi Line "Shin-sugita station" are connected with the "Seaside line".



The number of nearby interchange is two. It is about 2km by the Route 357 line from both interchanges.


Metropolitan Expressway Wangan Line "Sachiura" Exit


Expressway Yokohama-Yokosuka Road "Namiki I.C."


To the visitor.

Parking fee

Passenger car= 1,200 yen per day

Parking time

30 minutes before opening ~ 30 minutes after closing
The E-F parking lot charge was reformed from June 1, 2004.

General vehicles cannot be used on island.

Although there are seven parking lots, it is congested on the tourist season or Saturday, Sunday and public holiday.
Please use a public transportation facility.