~Small fortune of little fortune~

In "Souvenir shop Kofuku", we have cute Kofuku limited products such as buns produced by our own factory with White whale and Asian short-clawed otter as the main characters.
Please drop in when you come to Hakkeijima.
All the staff are waiting for you.

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Bay Market C Building 1F



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  • シロイルカチョコフォンデュラスク 486円

  • 小福物語駄菓子各種 410円

  • 小福物語饅頭 756円

  • 小福物語きんつば 702円

  • 小福物語ごまだれもち 702円

  • 小福物語くずもち 702円


『八景島イニシャル刺繍タオル』 605円

An initial embroidered towel designed with popular White whale and Asian short-clawed otter on Hakkeijima.
The flower stitches are also cute at our shop.