Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise We sell a lot of limited edition products!

We have a lot of goods of Aqua Museum friends, mainly souvenir sweets and daily necessities limited to Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise!
You may find memorable products !? We look forward to your visit ♪

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Bay Market D Building 1F



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White whale is printed Hakkeijima Sea Paradise T-shirt and eco bag of dice limited ♪
Other T-shirts such as otters and Penguin are also on sale!

  • Kururito eco bag White whale 1,650 yen

  • T-shirt White whale children's size (100/120/140/160) 1,650 yen

  • T-shirt White whale adult size (S / M / L / XL) 1,980 yen


Popular creatures such as dolphins and otters become puzzle-shaped key chains!
Here also Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is dice limited edition ♪
We will put your name and initials on the back side for free, which is recommended to commemorate your visit ☆

  • Various puzzle type key chains 495 yen


Wear Penguin and sharks and go out for a while ♪
Penguin / shark-shaped shoulder pouch!

  • Shoi Penguin 1,650 yen

  • Shoi Shark 1,650 yen

* Price includes tax.