~ A small Aquariums in GLASS made with Sea Paradise ~

G's FACTORY is a shop with the theme of "making" such as hands-on candles, blocks and jigsaw puzzles.
Please drop in to make memories of Sea Paradise.
All the staff are waiting for you.

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Bay Market C Building 1F




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Making original candles from 1500 yen
Decorate with your favorite color of sand and glass work ♪

Candle basic charge

Prices vary depending on the shape of the glass.
■ Set contents
① Glass
② Gel, sand, stone, shellfish (all you can put in)
③ 350 yen glass work (1)

additional fee

① Glass work (second and subsequent)
We have a large number of glass works for 350 yen, 400 yen, and 500 yen.

② Marble 100 yen


It will take about 30 minutes to harden the transparent gel part of the candle. Please understand.