Kobara Cafe

Full of deliciousness! Happy cafe

A variety of menus are available, including special foods that are particular about handmade and cute and unique desserts that make you smile unintentionally !!
Cafe time when you want to take a break
Use as a meal with a menu full of rums, either situation is OK ♪ A rich lineup can be enjoyed from adults to children ♪
Please spend a relaxing time in a cozy space.

store information

place Center House 2nd floor
Number of seats 71/20 (inner terrace seat)
Price 1,000 yen-2,000 yen
Party private room None
Baby meal other None
Pet companion Impossible
TEL 045-788-9648
HP URL http://www.eirin-fukuju.co.jp



[Enriched desserts]
Enjoy a cute dessert with the image of a very popular dolphin, and enjoy a dessert time with soft ice cream etc. ♪


[Special cafe menu]
How about relaxing with a popular tapioca drink and handmade chai?


【kids menu】
A popular kids menu filled with children's favorite foods is also available ♪