Hakkeijima designated manager

Under the designated manager system of Yokohama City, Yokohama Hakkeijima was entrusted with the management and administration of the designated management area within Hakkeijima from April 2011.
Hakkeijima In addition to the management and operation of the designated management area, the Hakkeijima hydrangea festival was held in order to create further "liveliness" by Hakkeijima.
In addition, in cooperation with the "Ikiiki Festa" held every year in the "Umi Park", we will carry out with the aim of creating a lively space, aiming for integrated activation.

Also, the maintenance purpose of Hakkeijima,
"Recreation base as a natural space where you can get in touch with nature and the sea", "Maintenance to meet the diverse recreation needs of citizens",
"A lively recreation base where you can know the relationship between nature, the sea and people"
In order to realize it, we will carry out a culture class / experience class that takes advantage of the characteristics of Hakkeijima.

It was closed to prevent new coronavirus infection,
We will open the island from Monday, June 1st.

※Chappuchapu Pond (Hizui Pond) will be canceled.

The large breakwater is off limits due to typhoon damage. As of December 2019

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Experience classroom in Hakkeijima


Hakkeijima, we plan to hold various hands-on lessons and culture lessons throughout the year.
Why do not you enjoy the handmade experience of making original accessories while looking at the sea up close?

Hakkeijima plants


Introducing the seasonal plants of Hakkeijima.

April 1, 2nd Renewal