All-weather cart attraction "Marine Cart Fantasia" was born on Monday, August 10, 2020!

Let's find the lost starfish on the cart!

"Marine Kart Fantasia" is a game-like cart-type attraction set in the coral sea, where sea creatures live in a lively environment. It is an all-weather attraction that competes for points obtained by passing.

Attractions overview

Opening on Monday, August 10, 2020


400 yen once

* Also available on ONE DAY PASS, PLEASURE LAND PASS, RAKUEN NIGHT PASS, Seapara Premium Pass


Maximum 20 people (10 2-seater carts)

usage limit

Height over 120 cm
*For passengers under 140 cm, a guardian is required.
*Cannot be used by persons weighing 150 kg or more and one cart weighing 150 kg or more.

Time required

About 3 minutes


Bay Market B ridge 2nd floor


The stage is about 7,000km south of "Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise", a coral sea where colorful creatures live.
At the bottom of the sea that humans don't know, sea creatures are in the middle of a party! But the starfish who are planning to attend the party haven't come yet...
Apparently I got lost on the way to the venue. You are a party driver riding a five-color "marine cart". Let's meet the curious starfish who are lost around the sea floor!