Drunken Barrel

Challenge the barrel that is swirled around by the waves

A barrel that is thrown into the stormy sea and rotates while being caught in the waves. It fluctuates so much that I don't know where I am. Not only the barrel but also the base, so you can feel as if you are really drifting in the middle of the sea!

Attractions overview

Price 300 yen once
Required time About 2 minutes
Capacity 90 people (5 people x 18)
Inclination angle 15 degrees
Height / age restrictions / remarks Up to 5 years old must be accompanied by a guardian.
It is also available for people with disabilities.

Check with video

Here is the point!

Unlike ordinary coffee cups, the base is slanted so it's a thrill.
And you can adjust the speed of rotation by turning the handle, so you can enjoy it even more!

Attraction image