Bubble shooter

Shooting attraction using water

A shooting attraction that hits a water gun with a shabon ball as a motif. Walrus, and Penguin are very popular in Sea Paradise, will appear in various places as cute illustrations.

Attractions overview

Price 300 yen once
Required time About 2 minutes
Capacity 8 people (4 units x 2 people) * Subject to change depending on the situation.
チケット種類 フリーパス○
Height / age restrictions / remarks ・ Available for one person from a height of 110 cm or more (available from 0 years old)
* If you are under 110 cm tall, you need to be accompanied by a guardian over 18 years old.

Attraction image



"Sita-kun" seems to be searching for treasure in his dreams. The treasure is hidden in the glittering shabon ball! What is everyone's treasure? Let's get on the Shita-kun with all four different faces and search for treasure with the sea creatures!

usage limit

・ Those who have heart disease
・ People with high blood pressure and low blood pressure
・ Those who are drunk
・ Those who are pregnant
・ Persons with abnormalities in the neck, spinal cord, etc.
・ Those who are not in good physical condition
・ Those who do not fit the seat

April 27, 2021 The attraction has been reopened !!!