It is an accommodation and break plan that can be used on the day.

Day use plan

Hakkeijima It is a break plan that can be used as a break place for children and elderly people in a hotel room on the island.

It is available from 12:00 to 17:00.


1室 5,800円

Day use plan 2

It is a break plan that can be used as a break place for people who are tired of playing.

It can be used from 17:00 to 21:00 only if there are vacancies after 17:00 on the day.


1室 4,500円

After 7 plan

For lovers who do not want to go home today.

It can be used by a couple only on the day if there is a vacancy after 19:00.


7,770 yen for 2 men and women (no breakfast for 1 night)

Reservation not possible

Price includes tax.

In winter, after 17:00, the price will be 5,550 yen (tax included, breakfast not included).


The spring / autumn season is March-July / September-November, and the winter season is December-February.

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