Hotel front charge

Hotel front desk (day shift)

Job Description

Customer service at the hotel front desk, telephone support, PC input, breakfast provision assistance to guests, customer transfer (car)

Application conditions (welcome conditions)

Those who can work 8 hours a day, 4 days a week
Those who have an ordinary car type 1 license

Number of applicants


Employment status

Contract employee (part-time job)

Hourly wage

1,020 yen

Work location

Inside Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
Hotel Sea Paradise Daisuin

Working hours

7:30~21:00 (8 hours working)
Break time 60 minutes
Monthly shift system

*We may contact you regarding working hours.


Equipped with various social insurance (employment insurance, health insurance, welfare pension insurance, workers' compensation insurance)

Application method

Please contact the recruitment staff below

TEL: 045-788-9636 (Recruiter)
We will set the interview schedule by phone

Guest relations (ticket sales) staff

Guest relations (ticket sales) staff

Business content

Guidance and guidance for customers in front of the Ticket Booth
*Those who are confident in their language are welcome!

Hourly wage

1,020 yen


Short term (Spring vacation, GW, Summer vacation)

Working hours

Weekdays/Saturdays and holidays 8:30-17:30

*Welcome to those who can work more than 6 hours a day
*Monthly shift system
*Working more than 5.5 hours a day, with a break of 45 minutes or more

Working days

4-5 days a week (including Saturdays and holidays)


High school students not allowed


At the ticket counter where customers first come to visit, this is a job for greetings and welcoming guests. Sea Paradise also say that the face of the die, is very rewarding your job.