A walk-through attraction that aims for a target by passing through the laser flying around the hall

Attractions overview


4 years old or older 550 yen (350 yen)

*Prices in () are for customers with various free passes (ONE DAY PASS, PLEASURE LAND PASS, RAKUEN NIGHT PASS, Seapara Premium Pass).


Next to Blue Fall

Height/age restrictions

・Available for people aged 0-3.
・4 to 5 years old must be accompanied by a guardian over 18 years old.
・Available for 1 person from 6 years old.

Here is the point!

You also challenge the spy!
A walk-through attraction where lasers that appear in one scene of a movie fly around the hall!
Go through the laser and aim for the target within 60 seconds! !!
The ranking is displayed on the monitor at the entrance, and the sooner you reach the target object, the higher the score will be and you will be ranked in, so aim for a high score!

Attraction image