Umi Farm Aquariums with the theme of marine education

Kaiiku is a coined word of "sea" + "Shokuiku (Food Education)".

Through "seeing," "knowing," "catching," and "eating" sea creatures
We named "sea education" to feel and think about the marine environment.
Let's learn while having fun playing at Umi Farm

There are two areas of Umi Farm
Which one you enjoy is up to you!

Fisherman's Oasis Ocean Lab
Fish Marche

Fisherman's Oasis

Umi Farm 's main program "Fishing" and "Marine Biotope" where you can observe sea creatures.

Fisherman's Oasis Map





The main program of Umi Farm where you can learn about the importance of life while having fun!

Let's eat the fish you caught by frying or grilling at Umi Farm

All the fish you catch will be served. Let's fish as much as we can eat.

Aquariums fish caught at the aquarium "Umi Farm" will be fried or grilled and cooked deliciously!


Marine biotope

At Marine Biotope, you can observe the habitat where creatures live in a more natural way. An area that can only be realized because it is Aquariums floating on the sea. Let's observe the creatures while checking the feel of seawater and sand, feeling the sound of the waves and the shaking of the water surface!

Ocean Lab

A lab area where you can learn about the marine environment and creatures through five contents.
There are plenty of experiences because it is a facility on the sea. The beginning of learning is from play!
Feel the fun of the sea with your skin!

Ocean Lab Map


A Familiar jellyfish in Tokyo Bay

Introducing the jellyfish in Tokyo Bay that change with the seasons.


B Quay Mansion

Many creatures live on the quay.


Living of C people and Tokyo Bay

Various kinds of garbage flow into Tokyo Bay. What is the impact of our "living" on the sea ...?


D Eelgrass forest that shines with life

Introducing the role of eelgrass and the state of the fish living there.


E fish rice

Let's give rice to the fish that live in Umi Farm What kind of fish will be gathered?

Events that can be experienced in this area

Tokyo Bay Wonder Watchers

An opportunity to enjoy learning about Tokyo Bay!

The staff will give a lecture on the environmental problems of the sea creatures and the sea while touching and observing the sea creatures! This is an edutainment program that children and adults can enjoy and learn about the familiar sea.
[Paid: 600 yen, WEB advance reservation required]


Fish Marche

We purchase "unused fish" that are not available in the market directly from fishermen and sell them so that our customers can enjoy them in a fresh state!


Light restaurant "Dolphin"

Waffles that are fun to look at and delicious to eat come in a variety of flavors!
You can spend a wonderful time while looking at the sea.